Patritsia Beaute

Do you want to discover the art of aesthetic and corrective micro-pigmentation?
My name is Patritsia Tuinsik and I am a permanent makeup specialist with over 9 years of experience. Discover the most innovative techniques to highlight the aesthetics of natural beauty.
This training is fully individual and masters techniques for the eyebrows, lips, or lashes. My task as a specialist is to carry out the training at your speed, giving the theory together with the practical part. During my training, I provide material and a model to make the most of it.
Master Class on permanent makeup for perfect lips.
Participants will master popular techniques:
Training on eyebrow and eye techniques:
The training is completely individual and is covered in 1 day
You will learn to work with pigments, and we will allow you to practice on a real model
Anyone who completes the course receives a professional certificate